Sweater Blog – Days 14, 15 & 16

There are times when life just gets too hectic and time slips away before we can cross every to-do item off our list. Thursday and Friday were like that. Thursday was chock full of fibery goodness, as I managed to knit over 6300 stitches. Friday was a much lighter knitting day, with fewer than 3,000 stitches worked. But in contrast, I worked from home on Thursday and in the office on Friday; and on Thursday I only traveled for choir practice while on Friday I drove to Dayton to see my son. We had dinner and took in a movie (Thor 2 is highly recommended!), after which I drove home.

Saturday, however, has kicked off a blockbuster knitting weekend. I did go out to watch the OSU football game, so there was no knitting for that 4+ hour commitment. But before and after it was pretty consistent. I managed more than 7400 stitches, reaching the 50% mark on the scarf and the 55% mark on my NaKni sweater. Sunday will offer a fair amount of knitting time, but Monday’s vacation day will be my big day to kick up the stitch count. I have about 3250 stitches left on the cardigan before I assemble it and add the ribbing, so it should be complete by my deadline of Friday.

The weather has been wacky, so I still haven’t managed any good photos. Hopefully tomorrow…


Sweater Blog – Day 13

Today’s been a busy one with a limited amount of knitting time. Still, I’ve met my goals for the NaKni sweater and the cardigan plus the scarf. I’ve managed more than 6,000 stitches. The middle of the month is almost here, so I’ve got to keep it up to meet my goals. Thankfully I will have a long weekend to devote extra time to my stitchery. Hopefully I can manage more photos for then. Now it’s time I crash for a few extra z’s.

Sweater Blog – Day 12

Must. Knit. Faster.

First snowfall of the season

First snowfall of the season

It’s been another productive knitting day – I’m 90% complete on the Aran pullover, 80% complete on the cashmere cardigan, and 40% complete on the NaKni sweater. The cold weather outside was certainly motivational in getting my fingers going.

I’ve also just finished watching the complete West Wing series, all seven seasons. It’s nice that it’s streaming on Netflix, making it really easy to keep going. These last few episodes, though, had the tears streaming down my face. I’m going off topic here, I know, as this isn’t knitting related, but it’s as dear to my heart as my knitting.

I was an instant fan of the TV series when the pilot aired in 1999, and I often made video tapes of some episodes during seasons one and two. My interest waned when season five kicked off, but resurged with the introduction of Alan Alda to the cast. Now that I own all seven seasons on DVD, I’ve managed to watch the whole series three times start-to-finish. The final season, and particularly the second half of that season, is bittersweet. Even as I watch the series finale for the fourth time, I’m wishing it wouldn’t end.

Alas, it did end. And within the next couple weeks, I will finish knitting these sweaters. I’ll be able to enjoy one of them tremendously over the winter months; another will have me longing for warmer weather. And the third will hopefully be a well-received Christmas gift.

For now, though, the show is ending and I need to get some sleep. I’ll be picking up the needles again in the morning, as it’s a bit of an obsession. ❤

Sweater Blog – Day 10

Today was, by far, the least knitcentric day I’ve had in a long time. I’ve managed to meet my stitch goal for my NaKni sweater, but that’s the only goal I’ve reached. I spent most of the day either at church or at meals with church friends. It was an enriching day, even if it wasn’t productive from the knitting standpoint.

I think the biggest surprise of the day was becoming very popular amongst the combined choir altos. We have a concert scheduled at our church in December, showcasing Christmas music for our parish’s four choirs, and tradition holds that everyone comes together to sing a few songs together. The pieces we are doing are rather complex, including the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah. Due to the complexity, the various choirs come together at some combined rehearsals (adding in a decent-sized “pit,” too). But because the choirs don’t often mingle, there are often cliques of a sort. I just do my best to learn my part so I don’t embarrass myself; in the process I’m making new friends!

I did manage to knit 65 stitches on the scarf during a brief break in the rehearsal. But that’s about it. So now I’m posting this and returning to my knitting!

Sweater Blog – Day 9

Eek! I am approaching the turn-into-a-pumpkin stage of the day! I did knit my target stitch count on two sweaters, and have two rows to go to meet the goal on the scarf. No photos to show for it, but I did have a lovely time meeting up with Ravenclaw pals for knitting, chatting and a bit of shopping. Now I need to get to bed as tomorrow will be a difficult day with minimal knitting time. Here’s hoping I can at least make the big-project goals!

Sweater Blog – Day 8

Tomorrow I will take photos, as the body is coming together. I’ve gotten halfway through the first short row section on my NaKni sweater. I also cast on the right front of the cardigan, and even finished four more rounds on the Staghorn Aran sweater. All told, I knit more than 8500 stitches, working on five of my six active projects.

I also had the pleasure of joining a social circle for knitting time in a coffee shop on the west side of town. Good coffee and good conversation helped me progress on my goals. I also stopped at Jeni’s Ice Cream before returning home, trying out their two new flavors: Dark Chocolate Peppermint and Midwest Whiskey Eggnog. Yum!

Another meet-up tomorrow with knitting friends. Cheers!