Sweater Blog – Days 14, 15 & 16

There are times when life just gets too hectic and time slips away before we can cross every to-do item off our list. Thursday and Friday were like that. Thursday was chock full of fibery goodness, as I managed to knit over 6300 stitches. Friday was a much lighter knitting day, with fewer than 3,000 stitches worked. But in contrast, I worked from home on Thursday and in the office on Friday; and on Thursday I only traveled for choir practice while on Friday I drove to Dayton to see my son. We had dinner and took in a movie (Thor 2 is highly recommended!), after which I drove home.

Saturday, however, has kicked off a blockbuster knitting weekend. I did go out to watch the OSU football game, so there was no knitting for that 4+ hour commitment. But before and after it was pretty consistent. I managed more than 7400 stitches, reaching the 50% mark on the scarf and the 55% mark on my NaKni sweater. Sunday will offer a fair amount of knitting time, but Monday’s vacation day will be my big day to kick up the stitch count. I have about 3250 stitches left on the cardigan before I assemble it and add the ribbing, so it should be complete by my deadline of Friday.

The weather has been wacky, so I still haven’t managed any good photos. Hopefully tomorrow…


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