Sweater Blog – Day 12

Must. Knit. Faster.

First snowfall of the season

First snowfall of the season

It’s been another productive knitting day – I’m 90% complete on the Aran pullover, 80% complete on the cashmere cardigan, and 40% complete on the NaKni sweater. The cold weather outside was certainly motivational in getting my fingers going.

I’ve also just finished watching the complete West Wing series, all seven seasons. It’s nice that it’s streaming on Netflix, making it really easy to keep going. These last few episodes, though, had the tears streaming down my face. I’m going off topic here, I know, as this isn’t knitting related, but it’s as dear to my heart as my knitting.

I was an instant fan of the TV series when the pilot aired in 1999, and I often made video tapes of some episodes during seasons one and two. My interest waned when season five kicked off, but resurged with the introduction of Alan Alda to the cast. Now that I own all seven seasons on DVD, I’ve managed to watch the whole series three times start-to-finish. The final season, and particularly the second half of that season, is bittersweet. Even as I watch the series finale for the fourth time, I’m wishing it wouldn’t end.

Alas, it did end. And within the next couple weeks, I will finish knitting these sweaters. I’ll be able to enjoy one of them tremendously over the winter months; another will have me longing for warmer weather. And the third will hopefully be a well-received Christmas gift.

For now, though, the show is ending and I need to get some sleep. I’ll be picking up the needles again in the morning, as it’s a bit of an obsession. ❤


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