Sweater Blog – Day 10

Today was, by far, the least knitcentric day I’ve had in a long time. I’ve managed to meet my stitch goal for my NaKni sweater, but that’s the only goal I’ve reached. I spent most of the day either at church or at meals with church friends. It was an enriching day, even if it wasn’t productive from the knitting standpoint.

I think the biggest surprise of the day was becoming very popular amongst the combined choir altos. We have a concert scheduled at our church in December, showcasing Christmas music for our parish’s four choirs, and tradition holds that everyone comes together to sing a few songs together. The pieces we are doing are rather complex, including the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah. Due to the complexity, the various choirs come together at some combined rehearsals (adding in a decent-sized “pit,” too). But because the choirs don’t often mingle, there are often cliques of a sort. I just do my best to learn my part so I don’t embarrass myself; in the process I’m making new friends!

I did manage to knit 65 stitches on the scarf during a brief break in the rehearsal. But that’s about it. So now I’m posting this and returning to my knitting!


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