Sweater Blog – Day Seven

Another November day is done, and I’ve made progress on most of my knitting goals for the month. I made progress on four of my six projects. I also figured out that my previous estimate of the stitch count I achieved yesterday was low-balled. I actually managed over 9,000 stitches on Wednesday. Today was not quite as productive, which is understandable given that it’s choir rehearsal night. Plus, I was directing, so I had to be there early. I still managed a respectable completion of nearly 7,500 stitches.

With respect to the NaKni sweater, I split off the sleeve stitches and began working on the body. On the cardigan, I finished the left front; tomorrow I’ll be casting on the right front! There are fourteen loops on my Feelin’ Loopy shawl, and I need forty per the pattern. I did manage to work out an easier way to complete the i-cord sections, though – and that will make me more productive over the weekend.

The big “win” of the day, though, was being approached to do some commissioned projects for an indie dyer I met a few weeks ago. She has a pretty prolific business on Etsy, and I discovered her wares at the Ann Arbor Fiber Festival. I’d bought a skein from her there, then ordered a second skein which she dyed to order. I have a shawl planned for that yarn already. She is willing to ship me yarn to complete a project and yarn as compensation for my efforts and she will purchase a pattern if needed. How can I go wrong with this deal? She did point out that the challenge most often encountered in this type of arrangement is actually returning the commissioned item. I don’t think I’ll have any problem with that. If I really like a finished object, I can always earn the yarn to knit it a second time — and a repeated project would only be better (and generally faster) for the experience.

It’s late, and I need to get to bed. Tomorrow evening there is a knitting gathering I’ve been invited to. I’m still debating whether to attend or come home and have a solo knitting marathon. Saturday there’s a full-blown Knit in Public event planned with friends coming from out of town. We shall see where I end up…


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