Sweater Blog – Day 5

I have continued to make steady progress on my sweater o’the month, completing my minimum required stitch count on it. I also managed to complete 1,000+ stitches on my red sweater. Somehow I’ve managed to take on quite a few projects this month. A bad case of startitis, I guess. But, I’ve made progress!

The newest item is a shawl that is intriguing in its design. The border is knit up first, including segments of i-cord interwoven into a cabled design. Once the border is done it’ll be fairly easy to finish up the short-row bead-bordered body. This is about what it looks like now though…

Loopy Shawl in Progress

Loopy Shawl in Progress

I had a fair amount of stuff going on today, in addition to the knitting. And on top of it all, it was Dapper’s birthday. My first dog was born on this day, twenty-four years ago. He was such a trusty, lovable beast. I still miss him, and I think of him every time I visit my basement — his choke chain collar hangs on the door. Today I toast to his memory, and that dog-shaped hole in my heart.





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