Sweater Blog – Day 4

And the progress  continues. I’ve busted out the spreadsheet and confirmed that I was right on track. The yoke is more than half complete, and I’m twelve rows away from starting the first sleeve. Here’s what the piece looked like before I started this morning:

Second day's progress

Second day’s progress

This is certainly an easy knit from the perspective of simple stockinette, but each row is long, and each repeat makes it longer. I’m up to 282 stitches per row. And it can’t be a totally mindless knit since there are 19 stitch markers to slip as I go. It’ll be worth it, though.

This past weekend I also had some fun with digital scrapbooking, in honor of National Digital Scrapbooking Day (first Saturday in November). I got to play a bit with some of my vacation photos. Here are a couple of my layouts…

Playing with textures

Playing with textures

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

And now I can return to my knitting – so many projects, so little time!


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