Sweater Blog – Day 1

Well, I have not been as productive with this Sweater Plan as I’d hoped. I did manage to knit up a swatch to check my gauge. But then I haven’t taken the time to block it and actually check the gauge. The only true preparation I’ve done is to create a spreadsheet. These simple little devices provide me with so much motivation. It helps me to have an approximation of the work needed to complete a thing (in this case, the number of stitches); then, I can break down the total amount of work over the allotted time. Somehow, this documentation motivates me to exceed the expectations. I don’t want to only knit the minimum. Rather, I want to do extra. It’s like paying down your mortgage ahead of time. It means there’s less work to do in the future.

And yet, if all I can manage on a given day is the minimum, then that’s okay, too. The extra work I’ve done in the past gives me that cushion. Heck, if I did enough extra work previously, I may even be able to skip a day. But that can only go on for so long before it catches up with you.

So no, I am not ready to cast on the NaKniSweMo sweater today, but I’ve got a plan. And tomorrow I can execute that plan and hit the ground running. Stay tuned for progress and photos…


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